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Wind Turbine 600W Max

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Wind Turbine 600W Max

Brand new never used 100%

no solar panel that is a add on

Packing list:

Wind/Solar Hybrid Controller
5 pcs of blades
wind turbine hub
screw bolts and nose cone
Wind Turbine
Use manual

Wind is in nature inexhaustible energy, but also not pollute the environment is one of the

energy. Changing the wind energy to power energy is used in industry production and normal

life,which is human ideal energy acquisition modes.This Wind Turbine Generator includes a

high efficiency motor to get the most from the turbine.This turbine comes with one of the best 

warranties in the industry.
This wind generator turbine is small yet versatile turbine and can produce up to 600 Watts Max.

It features a special coating that protects the generator, making it suitable for locations. The 

turbine begins to supply power in wind speeds as low as 2.5m/s

Technical White Pigeon (II) Rated Power 400W Rated DC Voltage DC12V/24V Rated Current  33A/17A Rated Speedy 900r/m Max Power 600W Start-up wind speed 2.5m/s Cut-in wind speed 3.5m/s Cut-out wind speed 15m/s Rated wind speed 12m/s Engine Three-phase permanent magnet generator Rotor diameter 1230 mm Output line anti-winding device Overall three-phase commutator Wind protection Tip stall protection+turned protection+electromagnetic brake Life span 15 years Equipment surface protection Aluminum oxide+plastic coating working temperature -40°c to 70°c Weight 8.5kg