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Vinyl Wrap Application Tools

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Vinyl Wrap Application Tools

Item Name
Car Wrap Application Tool Kit
Magnet Size
6cm X 4.5cm/pcs
Vinyl Cutter Size
10cm X 6cm/pcs
3M Squeegee Size
10cm X 7.5cm/pcs
For Car Wrapping

Magnet Holder: Powerful magnet tool used to hold vinyl wrap and decals in place while applying

(2) Vinyl Cutter: Designed for cutting the carbon fiber vinyl, window films, PVC films, wallpaper;

(3) 3M Felt Squeegee: Soft material, Felt edge, don't damage the vinyl while applying.

Package Include:
4 PCS Magnet Holder, 2 PCS 3M Felt Squeegee, 2 PCS Vinyl Cutter.