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Microsoft Xbox One Kinect 2.0

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Microsoft Xbox One Kinect 2.0

NEW Plastic Kinect 2.0 Sensor TV Clip Mount Holder for Microsoft Xbox One Black
TV Clip Mount Holder for Microsoft XBox One KINECT 2.0 Sensor Camera
TV Mounting Clip Mount Plastic Stand Holder for Microsoft Xbox One Kinect 2.0
TV Clip Mount Stand Holder Bracket For Microsoft XBOX ONE Kinect 2.0 Sensor Game

Keep For Xbox One Kinect sensor 2.0 in place, whilst looking smart and compact. The Clips grip simply clips into place over the For Kinect sensor 2.0 to ensure it stays in place and provides optimum tracking during gameplay. The clips are adjustable, which ensures a perfect fit for flat/slim screen televisions. The secure locking mechanism keeps the Kinect sensor in place, protecting it from damage whilst maintaining a smart, stylish look. They are very easy to clean, adjust, attach and remove and are the perfect solution for wall mounted televisions.

For Xbox One Kinect 2.0 TV ClipInstructions for fitting the TV Clip For Kinect 2.0To fit the TV Clip to your HDTV. it is the best to adjust the TV Clip to your HDTV without having For Kinect 2.0 attachment the TV Clip.

1. Take the TV Clip, pull the back arm down and place it on top of your HDTV with the front hook gripping the front side of your HDTV.

2. Adjust the back arm of the TV Clip so that the back arm is firmly up against and gripping the backside of your HDTV.if you have a thicker TV, you can adjust the fitting by pressing the back set of tabs on the TV Clip inward and pulling out the extension arm.

3. Once the TV Clip is adjusted and firmed on your HDTV, remote the TV Clip from your HDTV.

4. Press the front set of tabs of the clip inward and place your kinect 2.0 onto the TV Clip to lock it.

5. Place the TV Clip with the connected Kinect 2.0 on top of your HDTV. Do a final check of the TV Clip back arm to make sure it is still firmly against the backside of your HDTV and securely in place.

Packing List
1 x TV Clip Mount