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  • Injen SP1360BLK - Air Intake - SP Series Intake System 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 Elantra 4 cyl. 1.8L Tuned air intake system w/ MR Technology and web nano-fiber dry filter

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    2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 Elantra 4 cyl. 1.8L Tuned air intake system w/ MR Technology and web nano-fiber dry filter

    SP1360BLK - Air Intake - SP Series Intake System


    Filter Color: Blue

    Tube Finish: Polished Black

    System Type: Cold Air Intakes

    HP Gain: up to 7 hp

    TQ Gain: up to 6 lbs./ft.

    INJEN SP series Short Ram Intake System:  

    These Injen intake systems feature the patent pending MR technology process for optimal gains and a safe A/F ratio. Injen’s SP Series Cold Air Intake is specifically built for significant power gains in performance vehicles. The SP Series Intake unleashes your engine's power potential by force-feeding rich oxygen into your cylinders, which improves combustion efficiency.

    The Injen SP system is made with T-6061 tubing that is CNC mandrel bent specifically for your vehicle, and then vehicle specific brackets are TIG welded onto your intake for a perfect fit. Injen then tests the intake on its Dynojet before shipping it to you. Injen is so confident in this product that each one comes with a limited lifetime warranty!

     Key Features:  

    • Custom designed for your specific vehicle by make, model and year.
    • Purposely designed and engineered to fit behind the front bumper, to feed your car with fresh, cold and denser air.
    • Maximizes your engine's power by forcing in rich, cold air into your cylinders, improving the engines combustion efficiency, and increasing performance.
    • Created using the finest aerospace-grade T-6061 billet aluminium.
    • CNC mandrel bent resulting in unrestricted air flow.
    • Dyno-proven for best, reliable gains in horsepower.
    • Comes with AMSOIL Ea Air Filters with Nanofiber Technology
    • The kit includes all necessary parts for mounting, including steel clamps, silicone hoses and the pioneering rubber "vibra-mount" system which cushions against engine torque and full installation instructions.
    • Covered with Injen's Lifetime Warranty.

    Injen air intake systems (SP,RD, IS and EIS) are a high-performance, dyno-proven systems made of CNC mandrel bent 6061 T-6 aluminum alloy. Each Injen air intake is carefully engineered for a perfect fit and superior performance. Many other air intakes are made of only a single 3.00” diameter tube. This may cause friction between the battery and the intake system, dented hoods and an unbalanced air fuel ratio’s which can be harmful to your engine. Injen Technology has taken extra measures to ensure that you get what you paid for: extra power, optimum throttle response and quality. 

    Patented Mega Ram Technology: 
    Injen Technology's patented Mega Ram Technology does exactly this: Through a series of engineered and tested air- restricted sections, the pressurized mass air is controlled to a calculated aggression, allowing for a proper air/fuel calibration. The end results allows for more reliable and consistent horsepower/torque gains. In other words, the Mega Ram Technology is the break-through solution in the world of performance tuning.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What is a short ram intake?
    A short ram air intake is designed to increase the horse power of your engine. It’s a form of aftermarket air intake for automobiles with internal combustion engines. It basically replaces the OEM air intake with a short metal pipe and a conical air filter inside the engine bay which results to bringing more air into your car’s engine.

    How do you install a short ram air intake?
    Normally installing air intakes system takes approximately 90 minutes because it’s a simple bolt-on application for most vehicles. However professional installation is always recommended for best results!

    What is the difference between a short ram intake and a cold air intake system?
    We get the question all the time - "What's the difference between a short ram intake and a cold air intake?". Basically, a cold air intake is designed to keep the air filter outside of the engine bay and a short ram intake is designed to keep the air filter in the engine bay. So what does this mean? The short ram intake is cheaper, and typically produces less horsepower. The cold air intake produces more horsepower, but is generally more expensive.