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Carbon Fiber Film Wrap - Carbon Fibre Vinyl

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Carbon Fiber Film Wrap - Carbon Fibre Vinyl

Carbon Fiber Film Wrap - Carbon Fibre Vinyl Sold By Meter 39" X 60"

We offer discounts for rolls over 30 meters contact use for details before place a order.

Flexible and durable - bonds to flat or curved surfaces like automobile roofs, hoods, trunk lids, spoilers, wings, bumpers, fenders, speaker enclosures, dashboards, side pillars, rims, door handles, and interior trim. Even your computer, cellphone, and much more.Get the stylish carbon fiber look without spending the carbon fiber price.

This carbon fiber sticker is perfect for car exterior and interior decoration . it also can be used to decorate your phone , pad and other gadgets as you want .

Not just give your car a better look but also protect it from stretches , dirt , mud and so on .

Simply to install like any wrap vinyl product, and can be used in many applications such as automotive, motorcycle, laptop, mobile devices, home furnishings the possibilities are endless.

Example you buy 2, 3, 4, etc meters it will be in continues sheet

- 3D graphic contrast, hi-touch embossed surface finish
- The ultimate in flexibility and conform-ability to curved surfaces
- Easily cut
- Back adhesive to ensure a bubble-free installation, with air drain backside
- High stretchable ability
- Can be cleaned with detergent and water
- Durable
- Scratch Resistant
- Resistant To Solvents
- Easy Cleaning & Maintenance
- Stylish
- Can Stick Anywhere

You may ask why choose this over the real stuff? that's simple, because it doesn't cost you an arm or a leg. real carbon fiber has huge downfalls, example: there is a great short of real carbon fiber, its expensive, it's extremely difficult to work with, and just plain difficult to obtain.

Carbon fiber vinyl in comparison has many great Features such as, "Easy to apply" application. it really requires almost no skills to apply this material, you just need a heat gun or a blow dryer to apply this vinyl.

If you're not planning to become a professional race car driver or engineer a new vehicle model then this stuff is for you.

100% Brand new

Color: Black Carbon fiber simulation, almost like the real thing

Size:60 X 39 Inches Sheet

Easy to apply

UV resistant (don't worry about the product fading)

Applied outdoors: will last for a minimum of 7 years.

Applied indoors: will last for a minimum of 10 years.

Will not damage the surface which it was applied on.


Long as your paint is not piling it wont damage the paint. You are not plain on taken it off the surface its pilling this will work fine.

Easy to work with, no professional experience necessary.

Partial wrap or wrap half of the car now, and the other half later. you can't tell the difference.

Can be used on houses, cars, boats, planes, model cars, desks, and much more!

Item is universal fitment, please measure the size area you are plain on covering or contact us we be more then glade to help you.

Normal hood you will need 2 meters

Roof 3 meters

Trunk meter and half

Whole car you will need about 20 to 30 meters