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Backup Cam IR Night Vision Reversing Camera 5 Inch Kit

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Backup Cam IR Night Vision Reversing Camera  5 Inch Kit

The best solution for your car reverse system
Waterproof IR camera with wide view angle
2.4GHz Wrieless video transmission
High quality TFT LCD monitor
2 channel video inputs
Easy installation

5inch Color TFT LCD Car Monitor with 2 Video Input + both Suction Cup & Bracket


Two inputs are both video inputs, one for reversing camera, and the other for other video equipment inputs, such as DVD video input. The unit can only display one video input at a time and gives priority to video input 1. Generally, please connect video input 1 to the reversing camera, and input 2 to video equipment for entertainment.


  1. Since reversing camera is connected to your car's reversing light power cable, when you reverse the car, the reversing camera will be powered on. And monitor will display video input 1 whose signal comes from reversing camera.
  2. When car leave reserving mode, reversing camera is powered off. The monitor will switch to input 2 display.

120 Wide Angle Waterproof IR Night Vision Rear View Reversing Camera


This Color CMOS Car Rear view Camera is a new and never used high quality IR Night color camera. With High-definition wide view angles and good waterproof functions, its perfectly to solve the issue of bad car rear view effect, help reduce incidents and accident.


  • High-definition and 120 degree wide view angles
  • With good waterproof function.
  • Applicable to variety of Vehicles: car, truck, RV, mini-van etc
  • Solve the issue of bad car rear view effect, can help reduce incidents and accident.
  • Support IR Night color CMOS image
  • With its elegant and contemporary design, this camera is very popular
  • When the car back up, the Image will show Reverse leading line
  • Made of high quality and durable material
  • Its simple and modest design and small size won't draw any attention.

  • 2.4G Wireless transmission & receriver


    Convert any reversing camera with a standard RCA connector into a wireless camera with this universal transmitter and receiver kit.

    Eliminates the need to run a cable the length of the vehicle, just connect the transmitter at the camera end and the receiver at the monitor end.


  • Range of the transmission: 8m-12m
  • The shorter the distance between camera and monitor, the better transmission signal
  • The image can be seen clearly without any obstacles
  • With this item, you can park your car easily, speedily and safely.It will be a lot safer for beginners or even professional drivers.As you never know when an accident will occur.You can only prepare for the worse.







    Monitor :


    • Screen size: 5 inches
    • Display mode: 16 : 9
    • System: PAL / NTSC (Auto)
    • Definition: 480(H) x 234(V)
    • Nominal voltage: 12V 10%
    • Power consumption: 3W
    • Way of control: Monitor button
    • Vedio input: Two way video input
    • Operation temperature: -20°c-60°c
    • Storage temperature: -40°c-60°c
    • Brightness: 250cd/m⊃2;
    • Contrast: 300:1




    • Camera image type: High performance color CMOS
    • Horizontal resolution: 420TV Lines
    • Usable illumination: 0.05Lux
    • Free viewing angle: 120º
    • Waterproof: IP67
    • Shockproof: 10G
    • Video output: 1.0Vp-p75
    • Power supply: DC 12V
    • Video system: NTSC / PAL